History GLHU Diatlovo Forestry

GLHU "Diatlovo forestry" as an independent forestry company was founded in 1968 based on the territories of Slonim, Novogrudok Shchuchin and forestry, as well as taken in its collective and state farms of the forests. While the forestry area was 52.7 thousand hectares, followed by forestry workers seven. In subsequent years, forestry territory several times extended, and today covers an area of ??- 80,3 thousand hectares, of which 75.6 thousand ha - in Dzyatlava area, 2800 acres - in Slonim district and 1900 acres - in Leeds area. Of this amount, 70.7 thousand hectares of forested different categories. The enterprise includes a woodworking shop "Venzovets" and nine forest districts: Venzovetskoe (area - 11 309 ha), Gezgalovskoe (10 808 ha), Demyanovskoe (10 533 ha), Ohonovskoe (9496 ha), Navaelnyanskoe (9103 ha), Kozlovschinskoe (7900 ha) , Rogotnovskoe (7480 ha), Rudoyavorskoe (6948 ha) and Leonovichskoe (6786 ha). Part of the territory Djatlovo forestry is a part of the reserve of national importance "Lipichanskaya Forest." Reserve was established in 2002, according to the Council of Ministers of Belarus, and it included the territory Leonovichskogo Rudoyavorskogo and forestry. Its total area - 15 153 hectares, of which 6159 hectares spread within Djatlovo area, 7204 hectares - in Masty district and another 1762 acres - in Shchuchyn. Reserve was established to preserve in their natural state unique natural landscape of the population of plants and animals listed in the Red Book, as well as ancient dyunov in the floodplains of the Neman and Schara. In Lipichanskay Forest saved 11 species of plants krasnoknizhnikov, found the settlement of rare birds - black stork, and gray crane.



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