The campaign "Clean Forest"

At the initiative of the Ministry of Forestry October 23, 2010 in Belarus will be held environmental action, "Our clean wood." The main objective of this campaign - to attract public attention to the preservation of order and cleanliness in the forests of the Republic.

and protection of forests. Annually to work on improvement of forests and restore order to the lands of forest fund are sent significant forces and means of forestry organizations.

Contribute to the maintenance of sanitary condition of forest lands is the duty of every citizen. However, still remains a serious problem of unauthorized dumps of building and household waste and other foreign objects in the woods adjacent to roads and railways around the settlements, gardening associations and country co-operatives, to rest areas and parking lots.

There is an urgent need to attract the attention of the citizens of Belarus to the problems of restoring order in our forests.

Cleanliness and order in a forest depends on each one of us, on our culture and of our relationship, as to the nature and to the work of those people who create, grow, protect forests, and thus are forced to collect garbage in it, left by vacationers.

Forest - our shared national wealth. Save it and make more beautiful and cleaner - also our common goal.

Ministry of Forestry encourages volunteer to contribute to the accomplishment of the main natural resources of Belarus - the forest, taking part in the national campaign "Our net forest."

On this day, many teams will take to the forest clean of household garbage, cleaning of illegal dumps in the woods, landscaping of parks and gardens.

Participate in the campaign are invited to attend. In the forestry enterprises of the republic on this day will be organized large-scale operation to restore order in the forests, which can join to attend.

Everyone who is indifferent to mother nature and is prepared to make a contribution to improvement of forest can go to a nearby forest and take part in a kind of clean-forestry.

Forestry organizations will be identified objects works produced tools and transportation. It is planned that voluntary actions will be attended by civil society organizations, members of school forestry, forest industry workers and all interested persons.

Under the action of the republic foresters meet with schoolchildren and students, which tell of the importance of forests for human life, about what harm does litter the forest and its inhabitants.

In general, announced action is designed to bring order to the lands of forest fund, forest improvement, to draw public attention to problems of preservation of forest resources of Belarus, to promote respect for the forest.

As a result of the campaign "Our net forest" will be identified and marked bodies and those who have made the greatest contribution to its implementation.


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